Why revolutionary artists?

After the demise and the arrest of the long-ruling President Mubarak and his confidants in May 2011, the political enlightenment of the people is perhaps the most important challenge for the young freedom movement. The revolution, largely caused by social networks, was indeed supported by the majority of the population, however during the past months most of them had to put political actions aside and focus on their daily lives again.

An alliance of young artists feel it’s their duty to constantly remind their fellow citizens of the democratic and liberal ideals of the ongoing revolution. As a result of their social commitment, they will play a key role in building the new state. After their victory against tear gas and live ammunition, the young musicians, filmmakers, graphic artists and poets are using their strongest weapons — words, music and pictures — against all dangerous ideas of the past. What they have reached in the Tahrir Square, they are now hoping to achieve for the whole country – even if the current political situation is more challenging than ever before …



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