The sensuous dimension of an uprising

„Only art reflects the sensuous dimension of what an encounter, an uprising or a riot is.“ (Alain Badiou)

Through the active support of artists, the unrest that reached Egypt as a result of the Tunisian uprising succeeded to become a revolution. Many of them have been fighting for a change of mentality for years. During the 18 days of the demonstrations exactely year ago they encouraged the people to stay on the streets; through their art work they lend them a voice and a visible way to express their dreams. With the help of „Revolutionary Caravans“ they are still working on a satisfying outcome that will assure the people of Egypt to gain the freedom, justice and pride that they’ve been asking for. Their mission: creating free minds, their project: the art of revolution.

This films portrays a selection of well established and upcoming Egyptian artists who create all kinds of art work: graffiti, music, films, plays, novels and so on. Some of them started many years before the ‚Arab Spring‘ to use their work to call for the political and social changes they felt to be necessary. Some of them only recently became political as a result of the demonstrations and the new military government and became a living example of the mind-shifting quality of the current political climate. And some of them who are suffering from the pseudo success of the Egyptian revolution totally disagree about being a political activist.



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